Kung Fu Frequently Asked Questions

How is Tao Te Kung Fu different from other styles?

Tao Te Kung Fu isn’t just a fighting style.  It is a complete system that includes profound ancient philosophy, guided meditations, Chi Kung, a complete exercise program and is delivered with Kung Fu Living’s online program using modern teaching methods.

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What if I can’t train for a day or more?

With the Kung Fu Living program you set the pace.

We have given you a carefully structured program that you can follow literally one click at a time.  However, life gets in the way of the best laid plans and it is easy to work around difficulties.  You don’t have to do all of day’s activities in one day.  You could make a day’s activities spread over several days, or indeed you could do two days of activities in one day if you get the time and enthusiasm.

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What is the difference between Chi Kung and Tai Chi?

It might be easiest to say that Chi Kung (Qi Gong, Chi Gung and other spellings) is the mother of Tai Chi.  Or that Tai Chi is a branch of Chi Kung and it uses similar concepts though Tai Chi is taught in much longer forms.  Tai Chi Forms, or choreographed sets of movements, are learned to create relatively long routines, these can be 24, 42 and even 88 movements long.  Tai Chi forms include movements that originate in kung fu, though they are now so far removed that even experienced martial artists would struggle to recognise them and identify their uses for combat.

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What Kung Fu style should I learn?

This question comes up a lot.  It usually involves someone’s perceived inadequacy.  People say “I’m not very athletic / fit / flexible, I’ve seen people do Kung Fu on TV and I don’t think I could do that.”

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Will I be able to defend myself against a real attack?

Yes. It is an absolute principle in Tao Te Kung Fu that every technique and combination of techniques must be the very best for its purpose in both its efficiency and its suitability for everyone irrespective of size, fitness, strength or age.

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Will I be able to earn belts with Kung Fu Living?

Sorry no, but you will be awarded with certificates to acknowledge that you have completed each Level.  So, once you complete the Foundation Level you will receive a digital, printable certificate and the same for Intermediate and Advanced.

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What are the health risks of learning martial arts at home?

It is an irony that as a general rule the more intrinsic risk to health any activity has, the less chance of injury.

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