The Sai are a fast and versatile weapon that utilizes quick and powerful blunt strikes with sharp and accurate stabs.

What You’ll Learn

  • Sai single and double blocks often used to cover and defend larger areas of the body
  • A figure 8 continuous attack sequence that includes stabbing and striking techniques.  Used to overwhelm opponents.
  • How to use the weight of the metal Sai to generate power and force in every strike
  • Grip switches to allow you to change strategies and how you use the weapon
  • How to step with the greatest speed and tactical effect
  • Disarming techniques using the unique shape of the Sai and it’s quillions
  • Use of the accurate thrust for anatomically precise targeting and winning strategy
  • The overall strategy for finishing any real fight in the shortest possible time for your safety

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Double Sai weapon training in the Kung Fu Living online system

The Sai are a traditional Okinawan martial arts weapon consisting of one straight pointed prong, sometimes round, sometimes octagonal in section, with two sharp forward-pointing quillions.

They are not widely used in martial arts training but are very versatile, practical weapons with great flexibility for both defensive and offensive tactics.

Relatively cheap to make by being a simple iron or steel construction, they require no long forging process like good quality swords and are therefore likely to have been the weapon of commoners or peasants, a probability upheld by the fact that they can be easily carried.  Hard plastic Sai are generally available for safer training and we indeed recommend that you learn with them.

The exact origin of the Sai are debatable but very likely originated in Okinawa.

Metal Sai are a relatively cheap weapon and are therefore easily available and once you have learned with the training Sai.  Please be familiar with your own local law regarding the ownership of weapons.

In this program you will learn the Tao Te Kung Fu Sai Weapon Training form (a form is a choreographed set of moves that enable you to learn the most useful techniques within the context of other techniques).

You will need:

Some space, depending on the height of your ceiling, you might want to practice outside.

Two practice Sai, we recommend you DO NOT learn this form with the metal version.

The form is short enough to be remembered (this is martial arts, not memory training), and should be practiced until it can be done without thinking.

The program is set out for you to train every day using several short videos.  Adding to your skills in easy to follow steps, you will build superb skills that will become second nature.

Some videos are called Repeat Drills, these are of simple techniques that you need to learn so that you can do them without thinking.  Once you press play, they will simply repeat continuously until you hit stop.  This will enable you to practice each movement many times with a constant visual reference to help you get it right.  You don’t want to practice until you get it right, you want to practice until you can’t get it wrong.

It is tempting to rush ahead, but you will find that to learn these skills thoroughly, it is best that you master each part as you go even if that means repeating the same day several times.  Excellence takes patience and determination.  Remember “Kung Fu” means “mastery through discipline.”

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