The Kung Fu Living App

The Kung Fu Living App is an online learning platform for those wishing to master weapons, develop their meditation or learn Kung Fu at home.  You can access the app for free on almost any device.  You will be given free access to introductory lessons in unarmed combat, strength training, balance and flexibility improvement, weapons training, Chi Kung, wisdom teachings and meditation.

Daily activities breakdown for learning at home - learn kung fu online

Perfect for Learning Kung Fu at Home

The Kung Fu Living App enables you to tailor-make your personal training requirements.  The structure will remain consistent.  Each day you will be given video lessons that will enable you to progress step by step from beginner to master.

The Masters Academy

The Masters Academy is designed for those who aspire to become the complete martial artist.  Every day you will be given video lessons covering wisdom teaching, unarmed Kung Fu at home, weapons training, guided meditations, Chi Kung and a progressive exercise regime to develop your strength, flexibility and balance.

The Unarmed Path

The Unarmed Path is designed for those who wish to focus their training upon unarmed combat.  You will be guided daily from beginner to advanced in Tao Te Kung Fu, recognized as the most practical and efficient martial art form, effective irrespective of size, strength or fitness level.  This path includes the 3 foundation, 5 intermediate and 5 advanced modules of the system.  Tao Te Kung Fu is a fighting system that includes the most effective and complete sets of strikes, kicks and blocks as well as the essential combat tactics required in real-life scenarios.  Be aware this is not a tournament style and many techniques would not be permitted within any martial arts sports.  Within this path, you will also be given the progressive exercise regime to develop strength, flexibility & balance as these will help all of your unarmed techniques.

The Weapons Path

The Weapons Path is for those who aspire to become weapons masters.  You may already possess great unarmed skills and wish to become a more fully rounded martial artist or you may simply prefer to develop your weapon skills.  You will be guided daily starting with the foundational weapons: the single Nunchuck, Escrima stick and the Japanese Tanto.  Progressing to intermediate level weapons you will learn how to use the Sai, Jo staff, double Nunchucks, double Escrima stick and double Tanto.  As you move on to the advanced weapons you will learn the Chinese Broadsword, Straight Sword, Bo staff, Butterfly Swords and the advanced double Nunchuck form.

The Meditation Path

The Meditation Path is for those who are looking to discover the ancient wisdom embedded in eastern martial arts and develop their emotional control & cognitive growth.  Some would describe this as a more spiritual path, recognizing that for many, the most profound personal growth is from this aspect of the martial arts.  You will be guided daily with a contemplation video introducing you to often esoteric, but always practical philosophical concepts, which will be meditated upon in the guided meditation video later that day.  The Meditation Path also includes a daily Chi Kung session that guided you through 7 different Chi Kung Routines as you progress.  The Meditation Path includes the four progressive chapters: Meditation for Transformation, Creating a New You, Living in Harmony & Master Principles.

tantoFocused Training Courses

For those who wish to focus on a specific skill or to simply take their training one specific step at a time, the Kung Fu Living individual courses are ideal.  You can choose any module from any of the paths above or one of the 10 day Meditation Therapy courses designed to deal with particular needs.  These courses are accessed within the Kung Fu Living App.  You can track your progress, practice your Kung Fu at home, in your own time and grow your library of training resources.

How to Access the Free Kung Fu Living App and Try Kung Fu at Home

Once you have downloaded the Kung Fu Living App, free of charge, you can try a free taster lesson in all of the Kung Fu Living courses.  You can get the app here.

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