The Masters Academy


It is our belief that if you want to learn Kung Fu at home, this program is one of the finest ways to take control of your overall personal development.  Every day is structured to ensure you benefit from the very best step by step progress.

The Masters Academy is a subscription membership that gives you daily training in all aspects of the Martial Arts and includes:

The Unarmed Path, The Weapons Path and The Meditation Path.

This program has been a collaboration of professional expertise answering 3 questions:

In an ideal world, if you could be apprenticed to a Kung Fu Master, what would you be taught?

From the latest understanding of the neuroscience of teaching, what is the best way to learn that knowledge and those skills?

If you can’t train one on one, what is the best way to use modern Information Technology to deliver this great body of knowledge and skills?

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The Masters Academy includes all 5 elements found in the other paths

The Unarmed Element

The Unarmed Kung Fu training in the Masters Academy is a structured, daily training program in learning Kung Fu at home.  You will be guided every day with a selection of lessons and exercises designed to enable you to make steady and continuous progress from complete beginner to advanced martial artist.  There are 3 foundation, 5 intermediate and 5 advanced modules that make up this complete unarmed training course on learning Kung Fu.

The Unarmed Element Includes:

  • All 13 unarmed modules of the Tao Te Kung Fu system
  • A complete Martial Arts exercise regime
  • All defensive blocks, to cover all eventualities in real conflicts
  • All kick variations with an understanding of their relative strengths
  • Use of stances, steps and how to maneuver with the greatest speed and tactical effect
  • How to deliver multiple strikes with maximum effect using whole-body dynamics
  • Tactical use of optimal timing and targeting
  • The overall strategy for finishing any real fight in the shortest possible time for your safety

Kung Fu Exercise Element

Training with the Masters Academy, you will also get our daily, progressive Kung Fu exercise regime.  With our exercise and conditioning program, no matter where you’re starting from, you will make sustained progress throughout.  The program is designed to not simply increase your fitness, which is an overused, often undefined term, but specifically improve your flexibility, balance & coordination and overall physical strength.

The Weapons Element

This is the complete Tao Te Kung Fu weapons set, containing all 13 forms from beginner to advanced.  Save 50% when buying the complete Weapons Path program.

The Kung Fu Living training programs are the best structured and accessible way to learn weapons Martial Arts online. This curriculum has been developed by professional teachers and martial artists with over 60 years of experience & training in the dojo, in tournaments and in the security industry. This online training enables beginners and existing martial artists to easily and quickly learn weapons martial arts skills and reach their full potential.  Learning the Tao Te Kung Fu martial art weapon set with Kung Fu Living via our step by step daily guide is the most complete and easily accessible means of personal development for everyone. So if you are looking to become a Weapons Master this is the training program for you.

The Weapons Element Includes:

  • All 13 weapons modules of the Tao Te Kung Fu system
  • The most practical effective techniques for various weapons
  • Develop easily transferable skills, enabling the use of improvised weapons
  • Build muscle memory for instantaneous and intuitive defensive tactics
  • All these weapon forms are designed with the intention of also benefiting your unarmed techniques
  • Use of stances, steps and how to maneuver with the greatest speed and tactical effect
  • How to deliver multiple strikes with maximum effect using whole-body dynamics
  • Tactical use of optimal timing and targeting
  • The overall strategy for finishing any real fight in the shortest possible time for your safety

The Meditation Element

130 Day Guided Meditation and Wisdom programme

There are four general themes that this series of meditations will guide you through

Meditation for Transformation

Creating a New You

Living in Harmony

Master Principals

“No matter how much knowledge we seek, it is our ability to live in the moment, appreciating that our primary purpose in life is simply being, that enables us to maintain inner peace and joy, while living in harmony with the world around us.”  Sifu. Mark Ringer

After a lifetime of studying and teaching philosophy and ideas in comparative religions, both ancient and modern, Sifu Mark Ringer has collated together the principle concepts that best enable a personal, emotional and spiritual transformation.

With an easy and friendly style, Sifu. Ringer has recorded the meditations and wisdom that until recently were only available to his Kung Fu students.  Following the tradition of the ancient Kung Fu Masters, his teaching encompasses a philosophy of life that is supremely practical and easy to learn and apply, enabling you to master the art of living by understanding how to master yourself.

The Meditation & Wisdom elements consist of two videos every day.

A guided morning contemplation will encourage you to spend some time each day considering and understanding these, often life-changing, concepts.  These morning contemplations present predominantly axiomatic ideas, that is truths that you perceive to be evident once you understand them, and therefore are easily assimilated into your individual philosophical approach to life.

The evening guided meditations will teach you how to easily meditate and will generally follow on from the morning’s thoughts and are designed to help you embed the wisdom you have considered and enable you to derive the most benefit from these teachings.

The Chi Kung Element

Over the course of the Kung Fu Living program, you will progress from a relatively simple, though no less effective, Chi Kung Brocade (called Brocade because traditional Chinese Brocade has 8 threads and the Chi Kung sets that you will learn all have 8 movements) through the Intermediate and somewhat more challenging brocade to 5 different sets that you will learn in Advanced, each associated with a different element.