Double Tanto


The Japanese style dagger used by the Samurai.  This course will teach you practical skills for fighting with two knives.

What You’ll Learn

  • The primary deflecting blocks, most often needed in real conflicts
  • The primary sweeping cuts with an understanding of their relative tactical strengths
  • How to step with the greatest speed and tactical effect
  • How to deliver a counter stab that is aimed at ending a confrontation with the greatest speed
  • Tactical use of attacking your opponent’s knife arm and how to utilise optimal timing and targeting
  • How to adapt your strategy and techniques to incorporate the use of two tantos for maximum effectiveness
  • The overall strategy for finishing any real fight in the shortest possible time for your safety

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Double Tanto Knife Fighting Techniques

Tao Te Kung Fu is a complete system that incorporates the most efficient techniques with modern teaching methods and takes advantage of the most recent developments in the neuroscience of skill acquisition.

As a complete system for real life combat it includes many weapons and Tanto is perhaps the most obviously relevant to most people’s lives because a knife is the weapon most likely available, we all tend to have a draw full of them in our kitchen.  It is also the weapon an assailant is most likely to have.

While a specific shape, and derived from a traditional Japanese dagger the Tanto knife fighting techniques you will learn will of course work for any knife.

In this program, you will learn our double tanto form (a form is a choreographed set of moves that enable you to learn the most useful techniques within the context of other techniques).

The form you will learn is for double Tantos.

You will need:

Some space, most peoples’ living room will be sufficient

Two practice tantos, but any similar objects will suffice.  We recommend you DO NOT learn these forms with live bladed weapons.

The 8-part form is short enough to be remembered easily (this is martial arts, not memory training), and practiced until it can be done without thinking.  The form is put together in a way that if any part of it were used automatically, in a violent confrontation, it would deliver a conflict winning combination.

The program is set out for you to train every day using several short videos.  Adding to your skills in easy to follow steps, you will build superb combat skills that will become second nature to you.

Some videos are called Repeat Drills, these are of simple techniques that you need to learn so that you can do them without thinking.  Once you press play, they will simply repeat continuously until you hit stop.  This will enable you to practice each movement many times with a constant visual reference to help you get it right.  You don’t want to practice until you get it right, you want to practice until you can’t get it wrong.

It is tempting to rush ahead, but you will find that to learn these skills thoroughly, it is best that you master each part as you go even if that means repeating the same day several times.  Excellence takes patience and determination.  Remember “Kung Fu” means “mastery through discipline.”

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