Advanced Weapons

You will be guided every day with a selection of lessons and exercises designed to enable you to make steady and continuous progress covering the foundation weapons modules you have chosen.  At home Kung Fu training courses are studied through the Kung Fu Living App which is provided with any course.

The Kung Fu Living training programs are the best structured and accessible way to learn Martial Arts online. This curriculum has been developed by professional teachers and martial artists with over 60 years of experience & training in the dojo, in tournaments and in the security industry. This online training enables beginners and existing martial artists to easily and quickly learn martial arts weapon skills and reach their full potential.  Learning the Tao Te Kung Fu martial art weapon set with Kung Fu Living via our step by step daily guide is the most complete and easily accessible means of personal development for everyone. So if you are looking to become a Weapons Master this is the training program for you.

The Advanced Weapons

These are not every day easily available weapons.  The advanced group of weapons are very much specialist options for the aspiring weapons master.  A combination of brutal battlefield weapons and sophisticated dueling weapons, they encompass the widest range of skills and tactical options.  The advanced double Nunchucks will require the most developed three-dimensional coordination skills for the real Nunchuck enthusiast.  A Bo staff gives you the greatest range though can also be used at very close quarters.  The form you will learn for the Butterfly swords is the most practical you will ever see, taking full advantage of their speed and versatility.  The straight sword (Jin) is an elegant, fast gentleman’s dueling weapon, while the broadsword (Dao) is a brutal and powerful battlefield sword.

Tao Te Kung Fu Weapons

We all hope that we will never need to use a weapon, however we live in a complex and changing world in which none of us know what the future holds and while we don’t know what exactly will happen or where, we can be sure that some people, at some time, will be glad they learned or wish they had learned to use some sort of weapon.

It is also true that there is almost no child that hasn’t at some point, picked up a stick and pretended it was a sword.  We all play, pretending to have weapons, whether on a computer screen or with a toy.  Even puppies play at fighting, it’s what mammals do, it’s built into us to find it fun.

The weapons and the forms that you will learn through Kung Fu Living are chosen and developed to give you the widest range of transferable skills.  This means that in almost any situation you will be able to pick up almost anything and have the maximum chance of using it as a weapon successfully.  For example, the Tanto is great for developing fast footwork and quick reactions.  The Nunchucks develop coordination and three-dimensional spatial awareness as they force you into learning new patterns that are easily transferred to other areas of your Kung Fu.  Staff work is great for teaching you to redirect your opponent’s weight and force and some swords encourage very precise targeting while others help develop your abilities to counter and deflect quickly.  If you at home Kung Fu training with the Advanced weapons will test and improve almost every part of your martial skills.