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Kung Fu Living

Kung Fu Living is a structured and accessible training experience.  This curriculum has been developed by professional teachers and martial artists with 60 years of experience between them. It has been designed taking account of recent developments in the psychology of learning to enable students to easily and quickly achieve their full potential.  Each level in the program builds the foundations in neural programming and psychological development that enable subsequent levels to more easily be assimilated.  You will be fitter, stronger, more flexible and coordinated.  You will be more mentally focused and have sharper control of your own emotions.

Learning Tao Te Kung Fu with Kung Fu Living is the most complete and easily accessible means of personal development.  Whether you are looking for superb Martial Arts skills, emotional stability, enhanced mental well-being, spiritual growth or improved physical energy, this is the program for you.

Many martial arts will teach only fighting skills, some will get you physically stronger.  Tao Te Kung Fu is not just a martial arts style but a complete approach to living.  If all you learned was fighting skills you would have unbalanced your humanity.

Daily Structured Learning

Each day when you open the app, you will see a list of training activities.  The activities will guide you through the elements of Tao Te Kung Fu that together will enable you to grow and progress.  As each activity is completed your progress is recorded.  Any activity can be revisited allowing you to progress and develop at your own pace.  If you need to, you can slow down and spread a day’s activities over several days to suit your personal pace.  On completion of each level, a digital certificate will be awarded to mark your achievement.


Around 5 minutes in length, these daily contemplations are intended to be listened to and then considered throughout your day designed to encourage deeper philosophical thinking. They progress from relatively straightforward, though largely ignored, concepts to some of the most profound and life-changing ideas.

Chi Kung

During the foundation phase, you will learn a relatively simple Chi Kung Brocade (8 move set).  At intermediate, you will learn a more thoroughly whole body and coordination developing set.  At advanced, you will learn 5 different Brocades that correspond with the different elements and are learned in conjunction with the advanced Kung Fu forms.  These are designed to prepare you, mind & body, for the dynamics and movements of the different elemental forms.

Exercise & Conditioning

You will be given a set of exercises each day that will progressively enhance your flexibility, balance & coordination and overall strength.  No matter where you are starting from, you will be able to make easy and rapid progress through the increasingly challenging daily program.


You will learn a multitude of weapons, all of which have been chosen and developed to enhance your unarmed combat in various ways.

In foundation you will learn: Stick, Tanto and Nunchuck.

In intermediate you will learn: Double Sticks, Double Tantos, Double Nunchucks, Sai and Jo Staff.

In advanced you will learn: Chinese Broadsword, Chinese Straight Sword, Bo Staff, Butterfly Swords and an advanced Double Nunchuck form.

The culmination of skills from learning so many weapons will enable you to improvise, using almost any object to hand as an effective weapon.

Kung Fu

Each day you will have one or more videos in unarmed combat training.  Each module of 10 days you will learn a Kung Fu form.  A form is a choreographed set of techniques to enable you to learn each technique within the context of others.  You will learn each technique the way it will actually be performed in a real combat situation.  Each technique is broken down and explained in detail and then put back together enabling you to perform complex movements unconsciously so that these skills will be available to you even in the highly tense situation of a real fight.  Previous videos will always be accessible to you if you want to revisit them.  Some videos are on a loop so that you can repeat them until you can do them without thinking.


These guided meditations are to help you quickly and easily develop your own meditation practice.  It is a good idea to set aside a time each day when you will not be disturbed.  While the videos are around 5 minutes long we would advise you to spend at least another 5 minutes continuing your own quiet meditation.  These will demystify meditation and quickly replace anxiety with calmness in your day to day life.

Young woman sitting in lotus position

Sifu Mark Ringer – BA Hons (phil/pol) PGCE

Mark began his Martial Arts training as a teenager, becoming a regional boxing champion before moving on to train in Kyokushin Karate and then Tai Kwon Do.

Working as a licensed doorman helped see him through his honours degree in philosophy. After twelve years of working pubs and clubs as a head doorman and running his own security company, he was able to develop and test the most effective control techniques incorporating many concepts from the Northern Chinese Kung Fu style of Kempo which he was studying during this period.  He was fortunate to train in restraint techniques under the highest ranking Ju Jitsu instructor at the time and have one to one training with an expert in Chin-Na (seize and control techniques).

After being a manager and consultant for international private security firms, in 1999 Mark took a change of career direction to become a high school Head of department for Philosophy and Ethics & Religious Education for 10 years, becoming a specialist in both ancient and modern eastern philosophy.  Another change of direction was to train in the Southern Chinese Kung Fu style of Wing Chun where his instructor was an enthusiastic young Sifu. William Bridgman.

As a certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypno Therapy he is able to help people develop their psychological strengths and he is one of the few professionally qualified and experienced teachers working full time in martial arts.

Mark has a wealth of experience in the martial arts; developed in the dojo, tested in competition and practiced in real life. He has a great depth of understanding in the philosophical and spiritual aspects of Kung Fu and as a true master is uniquely able to pass on the rich complexities of these ancient arts.

He was so impressed with William’s energy and passion that they founded a Kung Fu academy that has run for over a decade and successfully trained over 1000 students.

Sifu William Bridgman

Will started training in Kung Fu when he was a teenager.  He soon fell in love with the art and knew that he would dedicate his life to discovering the limits of his potential. He started training in an accelerated Black Belt program training for hours almost every day. Here he learned advanced Kung Fu techniques including unarmed combat, weapons training, grappling and ground fighting and has sampled a huge array of the world’s martial arts.

He has trained with some of the world’s highest profile Masters. These include European Kung Fu masters, world famous weapons masters, UFC competitors and traditional teachers from the far east.

While intensively training, Will discovered that although he loved progressing his own skills as a martial artist, he found a passion for helping others achieve their potential in Kung Fu.  As a result his entire career since school has been as a full time martial artist and instructor.

After 4 years of training and instructing, at the age of nineteen, Will earned his Black Belt in Wing Chun Kung Fu.  As well as continuing to train his body and mind in different arts he met Sifu Mark Ringer, who was one of the few people who shared his goal of giving Norwich a place where people could expand their horizons physically and mentally in the way he had through Kung Fu.

Because Kung Fu is about mastery of the whole of ones life, Will realised that one of the most helpful contributions he could make to the lives of his students was to be sure he could advise them on a healthy disciplined life.  He therefore trained and qualified as a nutrition and diet advisor specializing in health and long term weight management.

Graham Hayes BSc Hons

Graham was one of our first students to achieve Black Belt status.  Through mastering Kung Fu he found the skills and attitude overflowed into his daily life and business practice. Graham started Kung Fu during his late 20s to improve his fitness, strength and mental wellbeing.

Following his completion of his BSC Hons degree, Graham started his own IT development business which has been growing now for 20 years.

During this time Graham has performed a variety of roles in both position and services; ranging from directing the high-profile launch of a super car in the Australian Embassy in London, to designing website sites for businesses and deploying his own bespoke database software in a wide range of industries and consultancy.

Graham’s expertise has enabled the development of the Kung Fu Living platform, something that was only possible given his unique combination of IT skills and deep understanding of the whole Kung Fu training process and how it enhances everyday life.


You will be guided through 5 types of activity every day.  The whole program can be completed in 130 days but you set your own pace, taking as long as you need.  This consists of:

In the 30 day foundation level you will work through three 10 day modules.  In each module you will learn a new Kung Fu form (set of techniques) and a new weapon.

In the 50 day intermediate level you will work through five 10 day modules and life foundation each module covers a new form and a new weapon.

In the 50 day advanced level the five modules take you through the most advanced forms and weapons.

Try it for yourself

You don’t have to be a master to begin but you do have to begin to become a master.  Taking the first step couldn’t be easier.  Soon you can try 5 days for only £1.  Each day you will be given a structured program consisting of:

  • A morning contemplation introducing you to the unique philosophy of Tao Te Kung Fu
  • The foundation Chi Kung Brocade
  • Structured progressive daily exercises for balance, flexibility and strength personalised for your current ability
  • An introduction to your first weapon
  • Your first Tao Te Kung Fu form
  • Guided meditations to enhance your emotional and mental well-being

Over 1000 Videos
130 Structured Day Plans
£9.95 per Month