What If I Can’t Train For A Day Or More?

With the Kung Fu Living program you set the pace.

We have given you a carefully structured program that you can follow literally one click at a time.  However, life gets in the way of the best laid plans and it is easy to work around difficulties.  You don’t have to do all of day’s activities in one day.  You could make a day’s activities spread over several days, or indeed you could do two days of activities in one day if you get the time and enthusiasm.

It is possible to miss out entirely the weapons and still complete the program.  This might be because you simply don’t want to learn the weapons or because you want to come back and do the weapons later.  You could finish a module without the weapons and then go back and do just the weapons, possibly repeating the exercises, the Chi Kung and the Meditations.

Even though something is marked as being viewed you can go back and see it as many times as you like.

Some people have gone through each Level twice before moving on to the next to be sure they have totally mastered each phase.

Because of the way our memory works if you miss 2 or 3 weeks of training, we would recommend that you just go back to the beginning of that module.  To ensure a motor skill has been embedded into our long term memory it needs to be repeated a certain number of times over a period and if the process is interrupted for more than 3 weeks it is therefor best to start learning that section again.

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