Will I Be Able To Defend Myself Against A Real Attack?

Yes. It is an absolute principal in Tao Te Kung Fu that every technique and combination of techniques must be the very best for its purpose in both its efficiency and its suitability for everyone irrespective of size, fitness, strength or age.

Make no mistake, this style is brutally effective; we believe it is the most efficient martial art system available.  This is not a sport style where you are taught to make a fight last long enough for people bet and buy drinks while they are entertained.  No real fight in which Tao Te Kung Fu was used would last more than a few seconds.   One of the major influences on the development of this style was Sifu. Ringer’s experience of over a decade keeping the peace as a head doorman at nightclubs, raves and pubs, where anything other than fast and effective techniques are of no use.

Also, through the wisdom teaching and the guided meditations you will develop the psychological, emotional and physiological control necessary to deal with real life confrontations; staying calm, focussed and able to function in the face of threatening encounters.  These skills will also overflow into every aspect of your life; putting you in the driving seat of all your life choices.

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