Kung Fu Training Exercises

With our exercise and conditioning program, no matter where you’re starting from, you will make sustained progress throughout.  The program is designed to not simply increase your fitness, which is an overused, often undefined term, but specifically improve your flexibility, balance & coordination and overall physical strength.

Each day you will be presented with 3 different categories of exercise.  Each week you will have one day where you rest from strength and flexibility to ensure complete recovery.  Exercises are ranked by 1, 2 or 3 stars enabling you to choose your own level.  It is important to remember that it is better to make slow and steady progress than to push your body too hard with the potential of overtraining.

The strength exercises are chosen to increase functional strength, not only to help with your martial arts but also the daily utility of a robust physique.  This is not a program for competition bodybuilders but for those who want to enjoy enhanced physical abilities for the rest of their life.

Flexibility is limited by your particular genetic makeup.  You should aim to maximize your potential.  Most people will not be circus performers but should still aim for their personal best.  The quickest way of improving your flexibility is to gently relax into the poses you will be taught, taking 2 or 3 slow breaths in each position.

You will progress with a series of different, controlled poses to improve your overall balance, coordination, spatial awareness and the strength of multiple tiny muscles that constantly adjust to hold these poses.  These will not only improve your Kung Fu, but also the fluidity and elegance with which you perform even the simplest of everyday movements.

In striving for the absolute best example of how to do every exercise, a highly qualified yoga instructor demonstrates and guides you through each of these exercises.

woman doing side yoga stretch - learn kung fu online
man doing plank exercise on yoga mat arms forward - learn kung fu online
female yoga instructor performing balance exercise holding leg in air - learn kung fu online

Your future health is not an expense, but an investment

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