Evening Meditations

Meditation is becoming increasingly popular for many people around the world.  Over the last 50 years, researchers from many academic fields have shown great interest in meditation, with literally tens of thousands of in-depth studies being done in universities around the world.  What is strange, is that it seems, the more we know about the brain activity involved in meditating, the shifting form high beta brain waves to low alpha or even theta wavelengths, the cumulative result of all this knowledge seems to have been to make the idea of meditating more mysterious even mystical.

What we know for sure is that the list of major benefits to mental, emotional and physical health keeps getting longer.

The Kung Fu Living meditations are aimed at making meditation easier, understandable and to enable you to build a habit of regular meditating that you will be able to adapt to your personal lifestyle and goals.  Whether you are looking for improved mental health, emotional well-being, better self-awareness, spiritual enlightenment, freedom from stress and it’s related illnesses or simply to develop greater cognitive focus and clarity, you will find it here.

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