Chi Kung

For more than 5000 years, the art of Chi Kung has been practiced.  Though for many years only practiced in the palaces of emperors, Buddhist monasteries and Taoist hermitages, Chi Kung has been considered by many to be the ultimate preventative medicine.  It is believed to not just protect health but promote vitality and prolong life while cultivating spiritual awareness and insight.  While there is clinical evidence that practicing Chi Kung enhances the immune system significantly, most practitioners would simply say that they feel the benefit of daily Chi Kung exercise in terms of energy in one form or another.  Some people say they feel more alive, some would argue they feel calmer, but all would recommend the benefits of this moving meditation that enhances one’s coordination by linking controlled breath with mindful movement.  It literally has to be tried to discover its many benefits.
Over the course of the Kung Fu Living program, you will progress from a relatively simple, though no less effective, Chi Kung Brocade (called Brocade because traditional Chinese Brocade has 8 threads and the Chi Kung sets that you will learn all have 8 movements) through the intermediate and somewhat more challenging brocade to 5 different sets that you will learn in advanced, each associated with a different element.
Practicing each elemental Chi Kung Brocade prior to your Kung Fu training will significantly help your mind, body and emotional state come into line or resonate with the element of the advanced Tao Te Kung Fu form.
The art of Chi Kung will promote smoother physical motion, enhance functional flexibility, improve ambidextrous coordination and help to perfect your overall balance.  By synchronising smooth breathing with relatively complex whole body movements, Chi Kung harmonises the hemispheres of the cerebral cortex with the more unconscious functions of the cerebellum creating a profound sense of peace of mind and contentment.
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