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It is our belief that training with this program is one of the finest ways to take control of your overall personal development.  Every day is structured to ensure you benefit from the very best step by step progress.

This program has been a collaboration of professional expertise answering 3 questions:

In an ideal world, if you could be apprenticed to a Kung Fu Master, what would you be taught?

From the latest understanding of the neuroscience of teaching, what is the best way to learn that knowledge and those skills?

If you can’t train one on one, what is the best way to use modern Information Technology to deliver this great body of knowledge and skills?


Around 5 minutes in length, these daily contemplations are intended to be listened to and then considered throughout your day designed to encourage deeper philosophical thinking. They progress from relatively straightforward, though largely ignored, concepts to some of the most profound and life-changing ideas..

Chi Kung

During the foundation phase, you will learn a relatively simple Chi Kung Brocade (8 move set). At intermediate, you will learn a more thoroughly whole body and coordination developing set. At advanced, you will learn 5 different Brocades that correspond with the different elements and are learned in conjunction with the advanced Kung Fu forms. These are designed to prepare you, mind & body, for the dynamics and movements of the different elemental forms.

Exercise & Conditioning

You will be given a set of exercises each day that will progressively enhance your flexibility, balance & coordination and overall strength. No matter where you are starting from, you will be able to make easy and rapid progress through the increasingly challenging daily program.


You will learn a multitude of weapons, all of which have been chosen and developed to enhance your unarmed combat in various ways.

In foundation you will learn: Stick, Tanto and Nunchuck.

In intermediate you will learn: Double Sticks, Double Tantos, Double Nunchucks, Sai and Jo Staff.

In advanced you will learn: Chinese Broadsword, Chinese Straight Sword, Bo Staff, Butterfly Swords and an advanced Double Nunchuck form.

The culmination of skills from learning so many weapons will enable you to improvise, using almost any object to hand as an effective weapon.

Kung Fu

Each day you will have one or more videos in unarmed combat training. Each module of 10 days you will learn a Kung Fu form. A form is a choreographed set of techniques to enable you to learn each technique within the context of others. You will learn each technique the way it will actually be performed in a real combat situation. Each technique is broken down and explained in detail and then put back together enabling you to perform complex movements unconsciously so that these skills will be available to you even in the highly tense situation of a real fight. Previous videos will always be accessible to you if you want to revisit them. Some videos are on a loop so that you can repeat them until you can do them without thinking.


These guided meditations are to help you quickly and easily develop your own meditation practice. It is a good idea to set aside a time each day when you will not be disturbed. While the videos are around 5 minutes long we would advise you to spend at least another 5 minutes continuing your own quiet meditation. These will demystify meditation and quickly replace anxiety with calmness in your day to day life.

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We have filmed over a 1000 videos to cover the 130 day structured plan

You will be guided through 5 types of activity every day. The whole program can be completed in 130 days but you can set your own pace, taking as long as you wish.

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